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Welcome to Alison Lee's Portfolio

Over the years, I have worked on a variety of work-related and volunteer-related projects. Flip amongst the taps to see a sampling of post-2005 work, largely at Nokia Research. My resume provides more traditional work and skills information.

Car as mobile HTML5 platform

What would it take for HTML5 to bootstrap the automotive app ecosystem? I led an multi-disciplinary team to explore and create ...

Mobile moments

Mobile moments are brief opportunities during mobility when users engage with mobile devices to consume content, perform tasks and activities, or to connect with people. Studies reveal the short-term nature of attention in these moments with continuous attention being fragmented into bursts as short as 4 seconds and interrupted to accommodate attention shifts. ...

Mobile web

In 2007, the notion of write once and deploy everywhere for mobile devices was only possible using Mobile Web technologies; standards-compliant mobile browsers and mobile Web widgets. We created mobile services that were accessible anytime, anywhere, and any device ...

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