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Whether it is for internal or external use, the Web enables individuals, researchers, and companies to communicate in an easy-to-use and cost-effective manner compared to "commercial" but proprietary or research-prototype systems. However, what is less known about the Web is its appropriateness as a development platform for highly interactive information systems and groupware applications.

This website shares experiences, prototypes, and experiments with using the Web for communication and collaboration. It is a resource of information about:

  • the social, human-computer interaction, design and technical issues related to Web-based collaboration,
  • the novel and interesting uses of the Web for communication and collaboration,
  • the Web as a medium for collaboration, and
  • the Web as a platform for developing collaborative applications.

In time, this website will serve as a repository for others to contribute their knowledge and experiences as well. At present, the website remains a work in transition.

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